The Angel Investor Directory website is a United States-based data research and analysis company which has several full-time staff dedicated to providing the most updated and comprehensive investment and investor directory and database solutions for the angel investment industry.

The Angel Investor Directory team has spent hundreds of hours hand-building our investor and angel investor related database resources.  Our research team is composed of professionals in England, Brazil and the United States. Our mission is to deliver a comprehensive database of angel investor contacts with the assurance that the information is current and accurate. As a result our database is now of institutional quality and contains listings that are guaranteed to be accurate. Meet our team by reading our biographies provided below.

Our Team:

Our team of professionals has over 25 years of capital raising, marketing, and database construction building experience.

Richard C. Wilson: CEO

Richard C. Wilson founded the Family Office Club and is CEO of Single Family Office Advisors, Billionaire Family Office, and Family Office Executive Search. He has worked with family offices and capital raising for over 7 years and has provided consulting advice and services to over 1,600 firms during that time. Richard has written several books including the bestselling The Family Office Book: Investing Capital for the Ultra-Affluent (Wiley Finance Series).

Richard has hosted 25+ full-day training workshops and spoken over 75 times in 15+ countries around the world, and these travels and resulting relationships have led him to share stages with prime ministers, dinner with a prince, and a wedding ceremony for a royal family in Europe. Richard has met with over 1,200 family offices face-to-face in 17 countries and has over 50 relationships with $1B ultra-wealthy families and single family offices. Richard’s operating businesses are held under the Wilson Holding Company and include equity stakes in a diverse range of education, data, event, and finance ventures. Richard has a Bachelors of Business Administration from Oregon State University, an M.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Portland, and he has completed masters level research and coursework on the psychology of influence at Harvard University within their ALM department.

Rafael Tassini: Dedicated Database Builder (Brazil)

Rafael Tassini is the Real Estate Investor Directory’s database building manager. Mr. Tassini is 100% dedicated to reviewing, researching and designing our premier and premium Real Estate Investor Directory. Mr. Tassini is trained and employs advanced Boolean search techniques, capital raising strategies, and his extensive experience within the industry to continually help our team improve our database products each quarter as we release new and updated versions of the Real Estate Investor Directory.


Adriana Albuquerque: Database Specialist (USA / Brazil)

Adriana Albuquerque is the Real Estate Investor Directory specialist. Adriana Albuquerque is focused on helping the Real Estate Investor Directory team to update the details included within our databases and to facilitate the release of new versions of the database. The Real Estate Investor Directory is dedicated to providing quality database details which are updated and released in new versions at least twice a year. Adriana Albuquerque collaborates with members of our team to conduct industry research and gather user feedback from the Real Estate Investor Directory. Adriana Albuquerque has been a member of the Real Estate Investor Directory team since the beginning.