Features of the Angel Investors Directory

Since 2006 our team has invested hundreds of hours hand-building this Angel Investor Directory and resources. Our research team is composed of professionals in England, Brazil and the United States. Our mission is to deliver a comprehensive database of angel investors and investment contacts with assurance that the information is current and accurate.

As a result our database is now of institutional quality and contains over 400+ listings that are guaranteed to be accurate.

Benefits & Exclusive Features: The Angel Investor Directory is the #1 Angel Investor database in the industry. Our team has been expanding, updating and perfecting the Angel Investor Directory since 2006. Provided below are a few key benefits and features of the directory database.

  1. Gain access to full updated contact details on hundred’s of angel investors.
  2. Work more efficiently, raise capital faster than you otherwise could.
  3. Expand your press release or newsletter mailing reach.
  4. Schedule more conference calls and on-site visits with prospects.
  5. Become more efficient at accessing well over $200B+ in asset managed by the contacts within our directory of angel investors.
  6. Update your old in-house database or directory of real estate investors.
  7. Take advantage of the 700+hours our team has invested in building the Angel Investor Directory to leverage your firm’s time and efforts.
  8. Complete more fully booked road shows, events and joint venture meetings.
  9. Enable your team to follow up with leads from industry conferences and meetings.
  10. Reach concentrated pools of investor firm principals and executives.

The Angel Investor Listings Include: The Angel Investor Database offers a collection of inclusive contact details for 422 angel investment firms from around the globe. These inclusive contact details include the following information when available:

  1. Name of the firm
  2. AUM (as available)
  3. 1,858 Rows of Data – An Average of 3 Contacts Per Firm (Over 25,000 cells of data)
  4. Contacts’ Associated Job Titles
  5. Contact Phone Number & Email Address
  6. Phone Number, Fax Number, & Email Address  (All 3 are present for 99%+ of listings)
  7. Address That Can be Sorted by Country, City, State, or Zip Code
  8. Website URL of the firm

Note: While many profiles are complete, not all of the information for the above categories can be found for all of the offices in our database. Family offices are very secretive, and as such, information is often times scarce and hard to find. Angel Investors value their privacy and that of their clients. Information on AUM, investment preferences, and company history can be difficult to find, and as such, is a less complete portion of our database.

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