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The Family Office Club was founded in 2007 and has now become the #1 largest association in the industry with over 1,600 registered ultra-wealthy investors globally and 800 Charter Members.

  • Family Office Database- 1,347 firms listed, 3,000 contacts
  • High Net Worth Wealth Management Directory – 317 firms listed, 541 contacts
  • Institutional Investment Consultant Directory – 475 consultant listings, 1,448 contacts
  • Endowment Fund Directory – 919 funds listed, 3,158 contacts
  • Fund of Fund Directory – 454 funds listed
  • Pension Fund Directory – 268 funds listed

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Building relationships with private or institutional investors requires a long-term commitment and approach and a constant refinement and iteration of your investment offering and investor relations processes.

Charter Membership in the Family Office Club gets you 20 live events per year which are made up of investor summits and investor relations workshops, and each event is recorded and live streamed for members that can’t attend in person.

We also offer a quarterly detailed analysis of your investment marketing materials, recorded interviews with 300 investors, investor relationship management software (CRM), and the chance to have anyone on your team complete our capital raising or family office certificate programs.

Charter Membership

  • Access to 23 Live Events a Year
  • 2 Conference Tickets to all events
  • Quarterly Analysis of Your Materials
  • Investor Relationship Software (CRM)
  • Return on Your Investment:
  • 300 Recorded Investor Interviews
  • Every Event Live Streamed & Recorded
  • Become a Certified Capital Raiser
  • Service Provider Directory Listing
  • 30 Exclusive Family Office Webinars
  • Directory of 8,916 Investor Contacts
  • Multi-Family Offices
  • Single Family Offices
  • HNW Wealth Management Firms
  • Fund of Funds
  • Institutional Investment Consultants
  • Endowment & Pension Funds